Hollywood Shuffle: 7 Movie Roles That Made Us Love Taraji P. Henson


Words by Preezy

Taraji P. Henson is nothing short of a goddess. For the last decade and a half, she’s managed to capture the hearts of the hip-hop generation with her show-stealing appearances in various films. After getting her feet wet in the industry via TV on shows like “Smart Guy” and “ER,” the Washington, D.C. native made her movie debut as an extra in ’00s The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and popping up in the horror flick, Satan’s School For Girls, Taraji caught her big break snagging a leading role opposite of Tyrese as Yvette in the 2001 hood-drama, Baby Boy.

From there, Henson’s star continued to rise and she quickly became one of the most beloved black actresses of the new millennium. A slew of high-profile roles followed, as well as award nominations, most notably her nomination for the Best Supporting Actress category at the 2009 Academy Awards for her role in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, putting Taraji in big demand as one of the more bankable African-American actresses in all of Hollywood. Adored by women of color across America due to her ability to convey their inner-thoughts, feelings, and emotions and popular with the fellas for her stunning looks and sophisticated hood-booger charm, despite all the success and acclaim, she continues to be one of ours and has never lost the common touch.

Her current role as Cookie Lyon on the much-talked about Fox drama “Empire” has continued to keep her name in the mix. Earning glowing reviews for her portrayal of the sultry ex-con looking to get her piece of the pie, Henson is nearly twenty years strong in the game and is still able to make waves effortlessly.

Today, we take a trip down memory lane and handpick Taraji’s seven most memorable movie roles that made her urban America’s sweetheart.

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