Kevin Hart Explains Why He Can’t Sleep Nude In His New Duvet Cover [VIDEO]


There’s not one video with Kevin Hart that won’t make you chuckle. Hart has been making his way around New York City and stopped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about his upcoming film The Wedding Ringer. But before he got into all that, Fallon dug up a personal Instagram post of his from Christmas.

As one of his presents (because I’m sure there were plenty more), Hart’s fiancé Eniko Parrish got him a special king-sized duvet cover with a picture of his two daughters on one side and a sexy photo of herself on the other. Fallon thought it was so hilarious that it’s somewhat hard to point out the bite-sized actor in the photo that he even offered a t-shirt to anyone who could. But Hart explained that he only had one problem with the gift.

“It’s kinda creepy because I can’t sleep in the nude because my kid’s faces are on the other side,” said Hart.

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Fallon laughed hysterically along with everyone else. But once he puled himself together, Fallon continued to ask Hart about his upcoming film, which is in theaters today. Watch the clip from the interview above to find out more about The Wedding Ringer.

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