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Young Thug and Dun Deal Reunite On “Friend Of Scotty” [LISTEN]

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Ever since his first major hit “Stoner,” Young Thug hasn’t released much music with that song’s producer, Dun Deal. Now a new song leaks from the recently ever-flowing faucet of Thugger music in the form of “Friend Of Scotty,” a playful, bass-heavy track.

On it, Thug flexes his stretchy melodies on Dun Deal’s signature bounce, and the first verse contains a simile that’s sure to ignite Thug haters who hold pitchforks at the ready: “No homo, but my blunt look like a dick.” I’ve never seen a blunt that looks like that, but Thug’s imagination is to be appreciated anyway.

Hear the lighthearted new pizza-referencing song above.

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