5 Things That Would Put Drake’s Dad Back Into The Music Industry


Dennis Graham, Drake’s father, was a moderately successful drummer in his hay day. He’s worked with several legendary names in music like Jerry Lee Lewis and songwriter Mabon “Teenie” Hodges, and he shares DNA with funk bassist Larry Graham. His son Aubrey has become nothing less than a success in the music game. So what’s stopping Mr. Graham from picking up his music career where he left off?

In this business, we’ve seen father-and-son duos like Master P and Romeo become successful in their own ways. Whether it be music, film, or everything in between, it’s not unusual for the offspring of an artist to become one themselves and vice versa. However, while Drake’s dad may have some mainstream clout from the success of his son, his recent search for a “classy” female rapper seems like he might be going down the wrong road.

We know that Graham has a lot more to bring to the table. Rather than trying to rise up to his son’s success, he should be smart enough to figure out something different for him to do to become hot and jumpstart his career again. Here’s five suggestions that can help steer Poppa Graham into the right direction.

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