8 Of The Biggest Black Oscar Snubs Of All Time


Nominations for the 87th Academy Awards  came out late last week and people are still in an uproar about who was or wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. The most glaring of omissions are the fact British actor David Oyelowo didn’t nab a nomination in the Best Actor slot for his defining role as Martin Luther King Jr. in the drama Selma.  Also, Selma director Ava DuVernay was left off the list for Best Director nominees despite the film getting a Best Picture nod.

Though Selma is quite deserving of more nominations than just Best Song and Best Picture, which many view as the Academy throwing Black movie audiences a bone, we aren’t unfamiliar with the work of people of color being snubbed or shut out of the awards. Check out some of the biggest snubs of Black films and acting by the Academy Awards.

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