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A History Of Funkmaster Flex’s Beef With Jay Z…So Far


The amount of bombs that Funkmaster Flex set off over Hot 97’s airwaves doubled this past weekend. We’ve heard plenty of Flex’s rants over the years, from his feelings on DJ Clue over at his rival station Power 105 to the epic Dame Dash rant last summer. But this time around, Flex went off on hip-hop royalty without any fear of repercussion. During his rants, we found out his true feelings towards Jay Z all because his site Life + Times requested an interview about his involvement with the Dipset reunion.

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According to Flex, it seems like tension has been building between the Hot 97 DJ and the RocNation CEO for some time. Ever since Life + Times interviewed Flex about his InFlexWeTrust app back in 2013, he believed that the freelance journalist may have flipped the information he got about the app to Jay for his own Samsung app. Since then, he’s had several instances occur that lead him to believe there’s something foul brewing, from trouble with Def Jam to security at the 40/40 Club keeping Dipset off his playlist. But now Flex isn’t standing for the foolishness much longer and he isn’t alone. Here’s what’s transpired since Flex’s first rant last Thursday, which you can catch-up on here.

Here is what has happened thus far…

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