Watch Mike Epps In His New Comedy Web Series “That’s Racist” [VIDEO]

A while back comedian Mike Epps stopped by Ebro In The Morning and mentioned his new series “That’s Racist,” which definitely raised some eyebrows since Ebro, Rosenberg and Laura Stylez have their own version of “That’s Racist.” But now Epps’ new web series is about to light up your laptop screen with some racy jokes that don’t necessarily lead to discrimination.

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AOL gave Epps’ the platform he needed to create his new show to explore the backstories of stereotypical humor and how history and facts often distort into a snide, but sometimes funny, shorthand. The 10-episode comedy series will have Epps interviewing those at the receiving end of the jokes while garnering input from an educator. There will also be witty roundtable conversations on the topic from comedians like Randy and Jason Sklar, Helen Hong, Rick Overton, John Viener and Sharon Houston. Watch the trailer here.

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