5 People Who Should Roast Justin Bieber On Comedy Central


Justin Bieber is coming up on his 21st birthday and while many celebrities would put their time into planning a grand event, the Biebs had another thought in mind. The pop star couldn’t think of any other way to celebrate than to be humiliated on Comedy Central as part of their annual celebrity roast series. Bieber made the request to be ridiculed on national television as his own version of therapy.

Bieber has realized the amount of times he’s messed up over the past couple years. From his drug-induced nights out on the town to his various arrests for reckless driving and assault, it seemed like the Biebs was spiraling out of control. But now he’s supposedly on the right track and is back to his old, polite ways. The roast would allow him to get his mistakes out in the open so that he can finally put everything behind him.

While we can applaud Bieber’s attempt at redemption, we can’t get over the plethora of individuals that have felt the wrath of Bieber’s douchebag streak. Bieber has initiated Twitter wars with the likes of Seth Rogen and Drake Bell. His former neighbors in Beverly Hills despised him for his wild house parties that raged on into the early hours of the morning. He even managed to utter “Fuck Bill Clinton” as he pissed into a bucket in a random restaurant while intoxicated. The kid had some issues.

Since he’s decided to go through with the roast, there are some people who deserve to be in attendance and should be allowed to release their remaining animosity towards him in the form of comedy. The roasters should also include those who are close to the singer that have seen his progression and his downfall. There are a good handful of people that should be on that stage but here’s five people we know would roast Bieber real good.

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