Kevin Hart Confesses His Love For J. Lo In Spanish…Barely [VIDEO]

Kevin Hart has been making his press run on radio shows like The Breakfast Club and had Jimmy Fallon dying of laughter on “The Tonight Show”. But now “The Wedding Ringer” actor has proved that he can crossover into the Latin market and still kill them with comedy.

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During his stop at Despierta América yesterday, Hart was with co-star Josh Gad speaking about their new movie in theaters now. Gad began to tell Jennifer Lopez, who was also featured on the show, how much he was in love with her and that he spoke Spanish. Hart also decided to confess his love for J. Lo in the worst broken Spanish ever uttered by man.

“Hola, te quiero,” Hart said with zero confidence. “J. Lo, te amo mucho mucho mi corazón.”

The entire cast of Despierta América couldn’t stop laughing. It seemed like Hart was having fun laughing at himself too. Lopez seemed to appreciate all the love, especially when Gad said that he’d leave his family to run away with her to Miami. Check out the hilarious clip here.

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