N.O.R.E’s NSFW Defense Of Kevin Gates Smashing His Cousin [VIDEO]

Nore Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates has made a new fan in rapper N.O.R.E. A few weeks ago the “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper confessed that he was having sexual relations with a cousin of his and had plenty of folks making this face.


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But in an interview with VLADTV N.O.R.E. salutes Gates for his honesty:

“I know n*ggas who f*cked they long distance cousins. The south is different. In NY sh*t is real. But in the south, if that’s your second cousin, they don’t really look like your family to them. I’m just being honest my dude. Am I saying what he’s doing is ok? Not really. Am I saying what he’s doing is wrong? Not really… That’s his life…I’m a fan of Kevin Gates’ honesty. I’ve never heard his music before…but he was on the Breakfast Club talking about eating booty…I instantly became a fan of this dude and downloaded all his sh*t. I’m a fan of his honesty.”

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Watch the full interview below:

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