How Hip-Hop Fashion Went From Armani To Adidas…And Back? [VIDEO]


During the early years of hip-hop in the Boogie Down Bronx, the fashion evolved from dapper Armani suits and gator boots to b-boys hitting the streets in Adidas and track suits. As hip-hop music became chiseled into music history, the fresh subculture slowly but surely began to dominate the fashion world and pop culture alike. Now a new CNN Films documentary directed by Mass Appeal’s Sacha Jenkins will explore the evolution of hip-hop fashion from the bucket hats down to the Puma sneakers with the fat laces.

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The documentary, called Fresh Dressed, will feature interviews with several key players in the fashion and hip-hop industries like Pharrell, Big Daddy Kane and industry insider Andre Leon Talley. We’ll be guided through the nostalgia of the original trends in hip-hop fashion and shed light on how today’s urban fashion trends have shifted to a new lane. The fitted outfits and edgy apparel stays true to the original ‘we’re not gonna follow the rules’ mentality that gave birth to the culture in the first place.

Fresh Dressed will be making its world premiere at the Sundance Festival this weekend on Jan. 24th. Check out an exclusive clip from the documentary here.

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