Watch Kobe Bryant Find Out His Season Might Be Over [VIDEO]

Kobe bryant rotator cuff

Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant is no stranger to injury. Throughout his career the All-Star guard has suffered a variety of maladies, some that have sidelined him for months.

However, this latest injury, a torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder, may require season-ending surgery and raises questions as to whether the 36-year-old will shut it down for good after this season.

In this video for the Players Tribune, Bryant shows his meeting with Dr. Steven Lombardo who explains the severity of his injury.

“This is your shoulder, the ball and socket, the deltoid is removed. Your heads facing this way. There are four muscles for your cuff,” he explains.  “Unlike this previous MRI and the ultrasound you had a few months ago, this is pulled off. Number 3.”

OK from The Players Tribune on Vimeo.

Bryant suffered the tear during the second half of Wednesday night’s loss to New Orleans, though sources said he has been dealing with the injury since the preseason. The 19-year veteran has one year remaining on his contract with The Lakers worth $25 million.

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