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Turnabout: Ice Cube & Tupac Movies Inspire Rap’s Latest Hit [VIDEO]

manolo rose run ricky run

When NWA’s Ice Cube starred in John Singleton’s 1991 film Boyz N The Hood and Tupac followed the next year in Juice, their dramatizations in music videos had officially morphed into roles on the big screen. Little did we know then that they’d each go onto be huge names in Hollywood, and eventually bring things full circle by inspiring other rap songs with their thespian pursuits some two decades later.

In late 2014 Troy Ave’s “All About The Money” co-star and previous Fame School collaborator Manolo Rose drew upon the pivotal scene in Boyz N The Hood, when Morris Chestnut’s college-bound football player Ricky was gunned down by a gang member in cold blood for his hit, “Run Ricky Run.” Less a rap than a growling, Barbershop-ready toast over a beat, Rose almost inspires a comedic chuckle in retelling the tragedy with his raspy admonitions: “Doughboy’s a motherf*ckin fool/ he shoulda kilt the gheri-curl head n*gga when he had the chance to!”  Raheem from Juice gets a similar post-mortem report card with the rebuke “Raheem is a mother f*ckin fool, you never give no crazy ass n*gga like Bishop no hand gun!” Hindsight is indeed 20/20 but the man standing gets to tell the story the way he sees fit.

“Run Ricky Run” now has a video to push it further into the cultural consciousness and builds on the visual cues established in the song. Watch it and its inspiration below:

And the inspiration…




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