5 Reasons Why You Should Be Watching “Money & Violence”

*UPDATE: There’s a sixth reason, too: the character Mistah. Watch the compilation above to understand.

Imagine Flatbush, Brooklyn’s version of ‘The Wire” with no authoritative influence. “Money & Violence,” the underdog series about two hustlers from Brooklyn, has finally been catching new attention from viewers beyond New York City. The new edgy, web series follows the trials and tribulations of Rafe and Miz, who recruit their own team of street hustlers to help carry out their business deals. However, unlike similar shows before them, we get to see how their raw drama plays out with little to no interference.

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Once you get past the DIY production and the first-time actors, the plot line unfolds with several sub-stories of an out-of-work dad who falls into the game to provide for his daughter and a love-scorned woman trying to start a new life away from the gang activity. The YouTube series has been able to keep viewers hooked from Kane’s first armed robbery to the epic finale, which debuted on Cloud9TV’s YouTube channel over the weekend. Here are five reasons you should get into “Money & Violence.”

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