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Bobby Shmurda’s Uncle Addresses Theft Allegations, Tells Flex To Watch His Mouth

Bobby Shmurda’s uncle and manager Debo Wilson isn’t happy with the music industry and wants his side of the story heard. Vlad TV reached out to Wilson and he took the time to defend himself and his brother Calvin against rumored theft allegations. After Shmurda denied Wilson’s offer to bail him out of jail, it was reported that the reason he didn’t take up the offer was because his uncles stole $20,000 from him, which led to Funkmaster Flex calling Wilson “shady” on-air.

“When I got motherf**kers like Funk Flex saying I’m shady, now I gotta say something,” Wilson said. “P***y n***a, you don’t know me, so don’t be calling me shady. Simple as that.”

Wilson claimed that he’s proven that he has never stolen a dime from Bobby. He even blasted the media for reporting it. But since then, he has filed a million-dollar lawsuit against Shmurda after he was hit with several legal complaints from promoters claiming his client cancelled scheduled concert dates. While Wilson addressed these issues, he also took the opportunity to call out Bobby’s “fake friends” and those in industry who failed to look out for the young GS9 rapper.

Wilson explained that the reason he’s in jail in the first place is because of his friends. He ranted about how Bobby used to pay for all of his friends to go everywhere he went. They were “bad influences” and they were the ones that got him into the gang life.

“We always was there for him. We put him in the right direction,” said Wilson. “When we left him, his s**t’s been going down hill. He got all the d**k riding n***as in the industry that runs around behind him. They’re not trying to help him. All they’re trying to do is live off his fame. Now he’s locked up. Where all those artists at? Where they at?”

The co-founder of Hard Tyme Records said that he tried as much as he could to keep Bobby away from gangs through his label. Along with the “Hot N*gga” rapper, there are ten other artists signed under Wilson that he has also been focused on looking out for. However, he claims that the artists in the industry encourage his reckless lifestyle by giving him drugs like molly and lean. Wilson said that he’d never “sell his soul” for that kind of success in the music business.

Although he couldn’t give an update on Bobby’s situation, Vlad was able to update Wilson on a report that the D.A was dismissing the gun charges against Shmurda. At this time, the Epic Records signee has still chosen not to speak to Wilson. But once his situation gets figured out, hopefully he and his uncle can work out their issues. Listen to Wilson make his case here.

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