Lil’ B Will Diss Kevin Durant From Courtside If The OKC Thunder Make The NBA Playoffs


Back in 2011, meme rapper Lil’ B, otherwise known as The BasedGod, claimed to have placed a curse on Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant after he took to Twitter to call his music whack. Lil’ B responded like any other benevolent figure would:

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The on-and-off feud has been going for the last four years, with Lil’ B revoking the curse one minute and finding more creative ways to reinstate it the next. Well, he’s brought the curse back again, this time via the podcast Warrior’s World. “I’m there…I’m buying tickets, I’m there,” Lil’ B mentioned when the possibility of the Thunder making the playoffs and facing the Golden State Warriors came up. “I’m that kryptonite. The streets know.”

Do you think The BasedGod’s curse is real, and does it explain KD’s various injuries and lackluster play this season? 

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