Future’s DJ Esco Spent 56 Days In A Dubai Prison In 2014


Marijuana possession is a big deal in some corners of the world, as Future’s touring DJ Esco found out last year. According to Fader, Esco, real name William Moore, spent 56 days in a Dubai prison for having bud on his person, an experience that he’s called “priceless.”

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In the Fader tell-all, Moore recalled how during Future’s tour in Europe, he stopped in Amsterdam to celebrate his birthday and picked up some pot, pot that he would eventually forget about until he was angrily reminded by customs who searched his bags (he was carrying everyone’s bags at the time) at an Abu Dhabi airport.

Being stopped for an hour as all of his crew’s bags were searched turned into 56 days in a Dubai prison, but even though no one spoke English, Moore tried keeping a cool head about it: “I wasn’t pissed that I was the one who got caught,” Moore recalled. “I was more focused on how to get out then how I got in.”

Check out the Fader for the rest of his unforgettable story.

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