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Is This A New Jay Z Song With Dr. Dre And J. Cole? [UPDATE: No, It’s Not]

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UPDATE: This is fake. It’s an old J. Cole beat and it’s probably a Jay impersonator – Affion Crockett or Aries Spears. Oh well.

This is strange. A Jay Z “leak” crossed our Twitter timeline today that one guy claims is a diss to Funkmaster Flex. It’s got Dr. Dre on the hook near the end and it’s said to be produced by J. Cole, but honestly? We have no idea what this is.

Here’s what we know: Jay is rapping about Phantoms, Cadillacs, and getting ass. It doesn’t sound like recent Hov, which leads us to believe it’s almost certainly pre-Blue Ivy material. We also don’t hear any shots at Flex or Dipset, which makes us wonder just how authentic this is if it’s being promoted as a diss record. But we’ve never heard this Jay verse, so we’re thoroughly confused.

What do you make of “I’m Back”? Listen to it above and let us know in the comments below.

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