TLC Never Pulled A Gun On Clive Davis [VIDEO]

TLC took the time to clear their name since the hype around their biopic on Lifetime has died down. T-Boz and Chili recently sat down with Vlad TV and shut down the lingering rumor that they pulled out a gun on Clive Davis back in the day. Both singers claimed that there wasn’t even a gun in the room when they confronted the former Arista executive about the $75 million that they made off their 1994 album Crazy, Sexy, Cool.

“Somebody may have had one outside somewhere,” T-Boz explained. “But no one pulled it out on nobody.”

They also say that the beef between Davis and the group was squashed that day. They ended up getting more money out of it that was recouped. But there’s no long-standing beef that came fromm that day. TLC have been keeping busy by working on a new project that is fully funded by their fans. Die-hard TLC fans can rest easy because T-Boz and Chili won’t be adding a third member this time around. Check out the interview here.

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