ASAP Yams Speaks On His Work On ASAP Rocky’s New Album [VIDEO]

Back in June 2014, A$AP Yams sat down and spoke with Montreality for what would be one of his last interviews before his untimely death. However, due to issues with the label, the interview was not released. As a tribute to Yams, Montreality decided to dig through their archives, give it a quick edit and release their long-lost interview with the late A$AP Mobster.

One reason why the interview might not have been released is because Yams talks about his contributions to Rocky’s upcoming album, which was still under wraps at that time. He said that he put the same amount of work into the album that he did for Rocky’s debut album Long.Live.A$AP.

“The same thing I did for Long.Live.A$AP, I made sure I provided that for Rocky’s new album. We gonna give the fans what they want, not no watered-down commercial shit. We gonna give them that grimey-ass, trill shit we’ve been doing.”

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During the interview, Yams reflected on his rough childhood and labeled himself as the stoner kid who would cut class and clown on teachers by slipping laxatives into their coffee. He also talked about his favorite video game and claimed Pokémon as his favorite cartoon, but he doesn’t fuck with Brock because, “Brock is buns.”

Yams also credited Karen Civil for giving him his first break into the music business by hooking him up with Jim Jones, who gave him his first internship. with Dipset Since then, he started managing producers and would eventually form the A$AP Mob with Rocky. Yams commented on how strong his friendship with Rocky really is.

“Me and Rocky’s Bond is never gon’ stop,” said Yams.

The founding member of the A$AP Mob was laid to rest this past Sunday. His cause of death has not yet been determined but Rocky and other members of the Mob have shut down rumors of Yams overdosing. Watch the full interview here. RIP Yams.

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