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The Five Best Songs Of The Week – Travis Scott, Open Mike Eagle, Johnny Cinco & More

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Everyone heard the Big Sean, Drake, and Kanye song. The Internet is drooling over Meek’s new track with Ferg and Sean. But neither of them are the best songs of the week. They just get the most coverage.

It’s the usual gritty, left-field rap shit once more on this side. “Skip the introduction, proceed to lip function…”

Agallah – “Pyrex Thrones” (Feat. Hus Kingpin and Rozewood)

The first time I heard this, I played it back four times in a row. The beat sounds like how you feel when the chronic hits and your body is marinated in comfort. Slow head in front of the fireplace, shots busted at cops, and money on the block is all a part of the repertoire. Like the chorus says, “Music is our cocaine.”

Johnny Cinco – “On My Line” (Feat. PeeWee Longway)

Cinco is one of my favorite rappers out of Atlanta right now, but I gotta be honest – I haven’t been feeling too many of these leaks from his upcoming tape, I Swear. This shit goes, though, and it’s honestly mostly due to PeeWee’s verse. He says “yellow snotty lean.” That’s an A+ imagination.

Open Mike Eagle – “Raps For When It’s Just You And The Abyss” (Prod. by Lo-Phi)

I hate to admit it, but I haven’t heard Open Mike Eagle’s critically acclaimed Dark Comedy album from last year, and I should be stoned for that. This is just the kind of song for dummies like me, though. I took a chance on it and I loved it as soon as he mentioned being high, sitting on his shower stool. If you’ve never gone through that, well, that’s cool, but from this song alone I can tell he’s a down to earth kind of guy. Mike won my attention with this one.

Travis Scott – “High Fashion” (Feat. Future) [Prod. by Metro Boomin, TM88, & WondaGurl]

It irks me to no end that I have to credit Travis Scott for this song. He contributes zip, zero, zilch to this, yet somehow it’s his song. Just like his newly announced “Rodeo” tour is “his” tour, even though Young Thug, billed under him, is a hitmaker, while Travis is a biter, plain and simple (right down to the flyer!) Someone had to say it.

Still, Future kills this, and whoever laid that synth melody (I’m guessing it was TM88) deserves physical love (read: sex) this weekend. When Future says, “I move like I’m acid,” you don’t need to have any experience with tabs to know how he’s feeling. The music speaks for itself. Notice how Nayvadius says lean makes him nauseous, but he keeps using it anyway. I pray he eases up off that stuff.

Key! – “Work Ya Risk” (Prod. by TM88)

It should come as no surprise that TM88 is on here twice this week – he’s easily one of a handful of standout Atlanta producers working (his ass off) right now. What’s more of a revelation, to me at least, is Key’s sustained talent. I don’t put much stock in the Two-9 camp, because the music I’ve heard doesn’t always stand up to the buzz they get from people in the industry. Echo chambers, etc.

But throughout the past couple months I’ve heard some stuff from Key (like “I Understand” and “Geeking”) that’s made me more optimistic of his output in particular. “Work Ya Risk” is in the same catchy vein as those songs. If he can continue hitting his sweet spot with the best producers in town, he’s got my support.

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