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Bobby Shmurda & GS9 Get Slammed With 32 Additional Charges

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UPDATE #2: Bobby Shmurda’s bail has been revoked and he won’t be freed as previously reported. According to the NY Times, a special narcotics prosecutor’s office for New York City said that the intended bail application was pulled on Wednesday (Feb 4) and a new hearing has not been set.

“We’re trying to do a new bond application and are in the process in figuring that out,” said Shmurda’s lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery. “We’re hoping to get it done within the next week.”

Bobby Shmurda and his GS9 crew are still being held for at least 101 counts of second degree criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of a firearm, drug dealing and conspiracy charges involving murder, assault, narcotics, and possession of weapons.

UPDATE: Bobby Shmurda might be released as early as next week! Shmurda has hired the services of “celebrity bail bondsman” Ira Judelson, who will cover his $2 million bail according to Bossip and Complex. Shmurda’s new attorney Kenneth J. Montgomery said the bail has been paid, but the government will have to investigate the funds to ensure that everything is legitimate before he can be released. If all goes well, Bobby could be free by early next week.

Bobby Shmurda’s situation seems to get worse by the minute. The “Hot N*gga” and his GS9 crew are now facing 32 additional charges on top of the slew of charges they were arrested for. When Shmurda and his 14 GS9 members were arrested in front of Quad Studios by NYPD in December, they were hit with 69 charges including drug dealing and conspiracy charges involving murder, assault, narcotics, and possession of weapons.

Shmurda’s new lawyer, Kenneth Montgomery, appeared alongside the Brooklyn rapper to plead “not guilty” this week. According to XXL, there have been 32 more offenses added to their long list of charges. The new counts range from second degree criminal possession of a weapon to criminal possession of a firearm. Montgomery took advantage of their time in court by challenging the steep $2 million bail set for Shmurda.

“There’s nothing about a hierarchy about this alleged gang,” Montgomery said about the indictment, calling the bail “extremely unfair.”

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Even though his label Epic Records claimed they would foot the bill for his bail, Shmurda has been held up at the Manhattan Detention Complex, aka The Tombs, since his arrest. His manager and uncle, Debo Wilson, has also tried to post bail for his nephew. However, Shmurda denied the bail-out after he claimed that both his uncles stole $20,000 from him.

Montgomery wasn’t the only one who challenged the amount of their bail. Chad “Rowdy Rebel” Marshall, who is also facing $2 million bail, put in a request along with Rashid “Rasha” Derissant and Alex “A-Rod” Crandon, who both face a second degree murder charge among other counts. A-Rod and Rasha were denied bail as well. If Epic doesn’t post bail and Shmurda continues to curve his uncle’s help, the 20-year-old rapper will remain behind bars until his next court date on April 22. We will keep you updated on any further developments.

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