Kanye West Claims He Was “Suffocated” By Nike [VIDEO]


Kanye West has never been the type to bottle up his feelings. Not only did he premiere his new video for “Only One,” but West was also able to vent about his complications with his previous relationship with Nike during his time with Ellen Degeneres earlier this week. The G.O.O.D Music founder told Ellen that he didn’t have much control over his creative process and claimed that Adidas gave him more oxygen.

“Because of this Adidas deal, they allowed me a little bit of oxygen,” Kanye said. “There’s no amount of money that someone can give you to make you not be creative if you were born to create. So a lot of times people try to block you and control your creativity with money.”

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He goes on to talk about how Nike “suffocated” him. He felt like his prior success in music would give him some type of control over their collaboration. However, he felt like Nike blocked him out.

“You guys were seeing someone being suffocated by a perception. Being suffocated by people in a position that could blatantly see, ‘Wow, the Yeezys did really good, he was this influential, but we’re not gonna give him a shot at something else.”

Authentic details on Kanye’s upcoming collaboration with Adidas have yet to be revealed. There was a photo going around the net that was taken of Kanye West holding the prototype for the Yeezy 3 while he was on a plane, but it has yet to be confirmed nor denied. Watch the clip from the interview here.

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