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Layzie Bone Puts Rolling Stone On Blast & Defends Bone Thugs-N-Harmony


Layzie Bone feels like he and his former group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are being swept “under the rug” by Rolling Stone after their latest controversial feature. The music publication recently dropped their list of “100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs” last month and Layzie Bone felt some kind of way about it. He went off on the magazine via his Facebook account.

“#‪‎RollingStone‬ releases new issue “The 100 Greatest Hip-Hop songs” you mean to tell me not one Bone song made there roster. SMH,” said Layzie Bone.

Layzie Bone has been working on building his own brand since he officially left the group in 2013. Although he has been busy working on his solo project Perfect Timing, he felt offended by being excluded from the list. He went on to explain how much of an impact Bone Thugs had on the game and how successful the Cleveland group remain to this day.

“First rap group with a Grammy. Over 50 mil sold worldwide and, we contributed a style and harmony that changed hip hop 4eva. They trying to sweep me and my Niggaz under the rug huh. Erase us from history. Nah fuck that and fuck #RollingStone I’m heated ‪#‎BoneThugsNHarmony‬ ‪#‎Eternal‬ we still selling out shows 20+ years and counting. BITCHES”

No word from Rolling Stone about how they feel about the situation. But it appears as though the well-respected magazine is started to build up a reputation to causing an outcry. Never forget Jackie from UVA.

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