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Missy Elliott’s iTunes/Spotify Popularity Skyrocketed Thanks To The Super Bowl Halftime Show


Thanks to her show-stealing set during last night’s highly watched Super Bowl Halftime Show, Missy Elliott’s found herself to be the apple of The Internet’s eye again. Misdemeanor’s Spotify activity hopped up 676% last night, according to the music streaming service’s own records.

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The three songs she played in particular, “Lose Control” (1,396% increase), “Get Ur Freak On” (922%), and “Work It” (896%) blew up on both Spotify and iTunes, where the three songs have climbed their way back up to the Top 200 at numbers 15, 10, and 7, respectively. It’s almost as if an entirely new generation of music listeners is being introduced to her at an alarming rate, or something.

Her upcoming seventh studio album, tentatively titled Block Party, doesn’t have a release date or any singles, but between her Halftime Show set and her appearance at The Grammys with Pharrell Williams, expect her to make a big comeback sometime in the future.


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