Mr. Porter Sampled Dave Chappelle For A Kendrick Lamar/Eminem Beat

After the release of the single and video for “i” the world is patiently waiting for the release of Kendrick Lamar’s follow-up album to good kid, m.A.A.d city. One of his collaborators, Denaun Porter, admitted that he doesn’t even know if he made the album, but did say that Kendrick has recorded new songs to some of his beats.

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“He does have this one record that I gave to Em, I made it for Em,” Mr. Porter tells WatchLOUDcom. “I took this Dave Chappelle interview and I made this beat out of it. Only a person like Em or Kendrick can pull it off. It’s one of my favorite beats I ever made, ever. I played it for Em but he was already at the end of this last new album and I told him I gave it to Kendrick and he was like ‘What?’ He was like ‘Man that beat is crazy,’ he just couldn’t find where it fit at the time, going through the 11th hour thing. It has to be the right beat sometimes. I might make a beat this year that might not pop until after. I think all of my friends go through that. I heard some sh*t that Seige Monstracity was playing and I told him people might not get it now but it’ll surprise the sh*t out of them later. Khalil is the same way, Focus…has the same problem. Them’s Dre’s kids. We came up under a guy that’s always looking for the next thing. He made his team of producers…we’re all crazy, but we’re very next level-ish. We’re always thinking about the next thing. We’re not impressed by something so we don’t even bother to try it. I gotta jump over this river? Ok, but let me go jump over this ocean after…

“So Kendrick came to Detroit and I gave him a joint called ‘Love Affair’ and that Dave Chappelle joint. I don’t know if Kendrick used that record but if he did a song to it I will see that lil n*gga in a minute and I’m gonna ask him for the song, cuz I know only him or Em or somebody like that could pull it off. The beat was very…it’s a story and it’s a very personal thing, because Dave Chapelle is a very deep individual.”

So how did he make it? Watch the full video above.

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