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Goodbye Tomorrow Puts Out The Visual Essay “JAY Z” [VIDEO]

Goodbye Tomorrow

Enigmatic Chicago MC Goodbye Tomorrow (not to be confused with the indie rock band of the same name) released this music video for the song “JAY Z”  yesterday, and wow is there a lot to unpack here. First of all, naming your song after one of the most famous faces in hip-hop and featuring a Beyoncé lookalike is bold enough, but that’s not all there is to chew on.  It’s the kind of uncompromising take-no-prisoners video that recalls Yeezus-era Kanye, right down to the avant-garde presentation and auto-tuned vocals.

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The presentation extends to the video’s overall message of African-Americans in contemporary society. There’s definitely a reason it’s subtitled “A dissertation on the Diaspora of the Black soul.”

Saying anymore about it before you watch would do the video a disservice. Just check it out above. Whatever rock Goodbye Tomorrow crawled out from under, our world may just be a better place because of this contribution. Looking forward to hearing more.


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