Inside The Mind Of Missy Elliott’s Newest Fan


Ever wonder what it was like to be seeing Missy Elliot perform for the first time at The Super Bowl?  We did…

Words by Andrew Ricketts

1st… it’s been SO long since I updated. Cpl major MAJOR things happened since xmas break.

Braden Turner from 3rd period Global got BRACES! When he came in he looked the same even though he smiles with his mouth closed or whatever & u can tell there’s prolly peanut butter in them.

it’s different idk…it’s weird.

SECOND it’s been like 3 months since James (my big bro but only by 2 YEARS RELAX!) went to Alameda State. WHOOOO! ALAMEDA STATE HOME OF THE FLYING OBSTETRICIANS! James is in a science program for doctors for like 70 yrs and i guess that makes him cool or wtvr & have to be in his room all day with the towel under the door.

this is who u people r gonna let look at ur babies? okkkk……

BUT IT’S  NOT JAMES’ BLOG IT’S MINE! n I wanna talk about a great new artist who made her WORLDWIDE DEBUT at THE SUPERBOWL (with two teams idc abt!!!)



No srsly. It’s hard for me to say this buuuuuuuut she might b better then QUEEN BARB herself Nicki Minaj. Yup. The Monster from SRI LANKA! THE TRINI FATALE!


Missy took the stage on Sunday night to a worldwide audience of what must be at least as many ppl as there r in the world who watch the Superbowl. N other words, more than 1 billion trillion ppl.

Then she just happened to slaaaaay iiiitt. YASSSSSS. OMG I was freaking it was SWAG. Much swag.

Mom kept bringing pepperoni poppers out even tho i said a HUNDRED times they were gross and make me fat.

But it’s ok! Cuz Missy then stormed out in like 1 one of those old school type jumpsuits and also old school sneakers.

Third fourth and fifth of all, it’s really cool that Katy Perry wud help a new artist that’s not even as big as NICKI MINAJ get some time 2 b with her show. I found that to be an awesome example of WHO RUN THE WORLD. Girlz!
Missy was one of the first new artists to grace the Superbowl and make such a big impact from her first moment to her last. Her brother Lenny can also PLAY THE GUITAR! So he was there as well and made some good moves also. But his shirt was open and so my dad kept asking my mom what she was looking at.



Other than that…it was one of the GREATEST SUPERBOWL PERFORMANCES EVAR!!! I think Missy Elliott could even b Best New Artist at the GRAMMYS ONE DAY…and it wd be this year except ARIANA GRANDE DUH!!!

Plus it seems like Missy’s singing and rapping (WHICH YES IS ALMOST AS GOOD NICKI BUT NOT QUITE LET’S NOT GET CRAZYYYY) won the crowd of the United States of the whole world because when I went to her IG she already has like 2 MILLION and a HALF FOLLOWERS from that one show!

Yeah…something like that.

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