Warren Sapp Fired From NFL Network After Prostitution Scandal


Former lineman and NFL host Warren Sapp has been fired from the NFL Network after allegedly assaulting two prostitutes. On Monday morning at 2:30 AM, two Arizona police officers were investigating a noise complaint when they got a call from a woman claiming she had been assaulted in a guest room at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown hotel. Sapp had met with two female escorts when an argument broke out over money and the fight turned physical and spilled out into the hallway.

“The incident was alleged to have occurred in a guest room, after meeting in the lobby while she and another female were there as escorts,” Sgt. Trent Crump told ESPN. “During a meeting in the room, an argument ensued, allegedly over money, and the altercation turned physical, spilling out into the hallway. During the investigation, detectives were able to establish that an act of prostitution occurred in the room by at least one of the females.”

Sapp was arrested and booked into jail before his hearing before a Phoenix Municipal Court judge and was released pending a Feb. 23 court date. The Hall Of Famer faces a maximum penalty of $2,500 in fines, six months in jail, three years’ probation and mandatory 15 days in jail if convicted on the prostitution charge. After his 12-year career as a lineman for Tampa Bay and Oakland, Sapp went on to work for the NFL Network in 2008.

But this isn’t the first time Sapp has been in trouble during Super Bowl time. In 2010, he was hit with a domestic battery charge the day before the Super Bowl. The charge was later dropped by prosecutors after finding out several inconsistencies between the alleged victim’s statements and video surveillance.

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