Dilla Minus Dilla Playlist Collects (Almost) Every Song Jay Dee Ever Sampled [VIDEO]


J Dilla’s status as a classic beat maker is one that will live on for generations. His samples create a wall of sound that’s nothing short of enveloping and his drum breaks are some of the best ever looped. Thanks to a new YouTube playlist, most of the individual pieces can be found in one place for the first time ever.

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YouTuber Joshua Zeller has created a playlist called Dilla Minus Dilla, a meticulous collection of nearly every song that the man behind Donuts has sampled across his entire career. From Lyn Collins to The Isley Brothers, from Hall and Oates to Jadakiss, this playlist proves just how expansive Dilla’s musical palette really was. This is crate digging at both its finest and laziest. If Donuts was a music history lesson compressed into a lean 44 minutes, this is the entire exhibit in front of your eyes. Do yourself a favor and check it out.


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