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Ghostface Killah Has No Time For Haters [VIDEO]

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Ghostface Killah’s not the kind of guy to put up with concert heads who throw hate all night long, and he proved as much at a show in Texas back in January. A particularly heated Wu-Tang fan wouldn’t leave Tony Starxx alone during the Wu-Tang Clan set, so he called the fan out: “I dare you to step right there…,” Ghostface challenged. “Step right there. I will pound you out.”

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As he continued to blow up dude’s spot and security came over to keep them apart, fans in the crowd got in on the action. They started knocking him around in the pit before security hopped the gate and escorted him out.

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Never show up to a Wu-Tang show with a sus attitude, they can just smell it on you, as I’m sure this fan will not soon forget. Check out the ruckus above.


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