Killer Mike And El-P Give Kids Advice On Growing Up

Killer Mike and El-P, a.k.a. Run The Jewels, have been on a magnificent run since dropping RTJ 2 last year. Just the other day, they opened for Jack White at Madison Square Garden, and now they’re in Mike’s barbershop giving advice to kids about growing up and smoking weed.

Mike and El actually ask these grade school kids some serious questions, like whether drug users should be locked up or sent to rehab. The kids have some enlightened answers, too, but while Mike is more encouraging, El-P takes a realistic approach to his own growth: “My brain is just dying, so I just smoke all the time. It doesn’t matter to me. I’ve given up on growing, I’ve given up on hope for myself, but you still have a future.” What a guy.

Watch the charming clip above.

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