Common “Keeps It 100” About Bossy Women On “The Nightly Show” [VIDEO]


The “Keep It 100” segment on Larry Wilmore’s new “The Nightly Show” is going to get somebody hurt. In the latest round of the popular Q&A, the host asked guests Joe Jones, Common, Charles Blow and Mike Yard–participating in the “Black Fatherhood” themed show– if they would pick playing in The Super Bowl over witnessing their first child being born. All of the men except Common said they would be at the hospital for the birth.

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However, the next question sent almost all of the men begging for a bag of “weak tea,” the penalty for not being honest. Wilmore dared to ask if the resistance to marriage among Black men is because their counterparts, Black women, are “too bossy.”  Recognizing that any answer would be social suicide, most of the men ducked it and said pass the Liptons. However, Wilmore upped the ante by the time he got to Common, specifically asking him who was worse: bossy Black athletes, bossy Black singers or bossy Black actresses. Common has been romantically linked to tennis champ Serena Williams, singer Erykah Badu and actress Taraji P. Henson.

So who was the bigger pain in his butt? “We’re going to go with professional…SINGING….Black women,” he said.

Hey, Erykah Badu can put a bossy hex on us any day! But we salute Common for keeping it 100.

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