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Vince Staples Grants Us A Peek Through The “Screen Door” [VIDEO]

vince staples

Vince Staples has been putting in all kinds of work for the past couple years now, and it finally paid off in the form of his debut EP Hell Can Wait from late last year. Initially, Vince was known mostly for his features on Odd Future songs, particularly by Earl Sweatshirt, but his hard-nosed socially conscious  rhymes proved to have a dexterity of their own.

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The introspective video for “Screen Door” officially dropped earlier this evening, and its intentions couldn’t be more clear, as cerebral as this video turned out to be. The song details Vince’s childhood and the significance of the screen door to it, and thrusts a middle finger toward Hollywood-style and/or cheery renditions of the conditions he lived through (“Bobby Johnson ain’t my OG/ This ain’t no movie role/ Pops was off the OE/ Tripping, getting his Tookie on.”).  The direction by Spike Jordan and C. Blacksmith emphasizes the screen door as symbolic to Vince and his upbringing, almost like a relic that he keeps in the back of his mind.

When the EP first dropped, Hagler’s staccato production reminded me of an on-beat locking mechanism or a slide puzzle coming together, and the video happens to mirror that vision perfectly. Check it out above.


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