Five Powerful DJs Debate What The Hottest Song In Atlanta Is Right Now [VIDEO]

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It feels like whatever’s happening in Atlanta is the most important stuff in hip-hop right now, and maybe even music as a whole. The scene continues to fracture, every new artist seems to build on the last one, and the competition is pushing rappers to innovate like never before.

Since the A is the epicenter of rap right now, World Star gathered five of the city’s most powerful DJs – DJ Scream, DJ E Sudd, DJ Swamp Izzo, DJ Pretty Boy Tank and DJ Tephlon – to debate the seven hottest rap songs in the area right now.

They (roughly) agree on seven (with K Camp’s “Lil Bit” landing an honorable mention), and you can see those below. The other songs mentioned include:

Rich Gang – “Lifestyle”
Cash Out – “Let’s Get It”
Lucci – “I Wonder Why”
K Camp – “Slum Anthem”
TK N Cash – “Mind Right”
Future – “Real Sisters”
Migos – “Pop Dat”

What do you think of their list? Keep in mind some of these DJs have affiliations to Rich Gang and other camps, so while we doubt their choices are colored, we want to remind readers of the possibility anyway.

Watch the debate about what the hottest song in Atlanta is right now above. Hopefully we see more of this kind of stuff in the future.

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