We Censored Kim Kardashian’s New Nudes With Pictures Of Kanye’s Face

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Another week, another set of nudes from Kim Kardashian. As she continues to bruise male imaginations, we decided it’d be nice to put a comedic twist on all this. And who’s funnier than her husband, Kanye West?

Below is a selection of Kim’s newest nudes, censored with pictures of Kanye’s face and captioned with some of his raunchiest lyrics. Feel free to share these with your grandma!

kim 1

“Yo you took your pussy game up a whole ‘nother level! This is some Cirque du Soleil pussy now! Shit!” – Chris Rock, “Blame Game”

kim 2

“I paid for them titties, get your own” – “That’s My Bitch”

kim 3

“Damn baby, pussy can’t be your only hustle / Unless you’re bad as Naomi Russell” – “Illest Motherfucker Alive”

kim 4

“She got that ass, I got to look, sorry” – “Good Life”

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