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Neef Of Young Gunz Says Beanie Sigel Is Recovering & Back In The Studio [VIDEO]

Beanie Sigel is expected to make a full recovery and is ready to get back to the studio according to Neef Buck of The Young Gunz. The State Property member sat down with Vlad TV and praised everyone who kept Beans in their prayers during his time in the hospital. Sigel has been home with his family and should be back in good health within the next month or so. Buck also confirmed that the former Roc-A-Fella rapper is planning on working with Jahlil Beats on his follow-up to his 2006 project Still Public Enemy #1.

“The plan is for him to put both of his feet back in the game and really show his awareness and let people know he’s kicking this door back in and we coming in right after him,” Neef Buck said when asked about the status of State Property.

Neef also confirmed that Beanie Sigel was not the target of the shooting that transpired in front of his home in New Jersey last December. Right after he came home from dropping off his kids at school, Sigel was just an unfortunate bystander who had nothing to do with the shooter’s intention. He also shot down the rumor about Sigel having his lung removed. Watch the interview here.

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