How Jean Grae Drank Her Way Onto “2 Broke Girls”

On Monday February 9th the multi-talented Jean Grae will be showing off her comedic chops on CBS’s hit series, “2 Broke Girls.” In the episode called “And The Crime Ring” protagonists Max and Caroline are arrested for breaking into a guy’s apartment to recover the rings Caroline left behind after she spent the night. Somewhere along the way they end up behind bars with Jean’s character Tanaya. While she remained tight lipped on specifics of her role, Jean did tell watchLOUD how Twitter once again helped to further embed her special brand of wit into the cultural zeitgeist.

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“I’ve known (producer and battle rapper) Jensen Karp for a while via Twitter and he was like ‘Hey, I know you and my good friend (series writer) Morgan Murphy are going on this cruise…’ an amazing comedy cruise I did this summer. And he said you guys should hang out, you’d be really good friends. Morgan and I met on the boat and had many drinks. We probably didn’t hang out as much as we should have because she was working super hard and I was not working hard at all. I was working hard at drinking and I succeeded. I won everyday. But we did manage to bond really, really quickly. I feel like when you find the other mutants and you meet them you kind of just know, ‘Oh, it’s you.’”

A few weeks later Morgan called Jean with an idea to write a part for her on the show and asked if she’d be interested.

“I don’t think she finished the sentence and I said ‘F*ck yeah. Why are you even asking me? You could have just had someone throw me in a van and just put me on a plane.’”

Jean says the experience definitely had an impact on how she approaches her own shows like “Life With Jeannie.

“Shooting ‘LWJ,’ the difference in all the episodes is pretty crazy. I’ve been a huge fan of sitcoms and TV forever. Making an actual set and having to direct and jump back in front of the camera [I realized] it wasn’t just about writing a show, but going back and developing characters fully over time and making people care, doing rewrites on set as it’s happening. etc. So getting to ‘2 broke girls’ and seeing people re-write this joke, what doesn’t play, switching this out and make it bigger, it immensely helped. Just kind of knowing where to be in front of the camera and realizing that when you play certain things in real life, if you don’t play it big enough you go back and watch and everything looks so flat. I try to keep that in mind, especially working with other people’s material and playing to my own  strengths. It was heavy.”

Catch Jean Grae on “2 Broke Girls” Monday, Feb. 9 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS.

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