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Kanye West Listens To White Rapper On The Street [VIDEO]

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There isn’t anything we wanted to see more today than Kanye West stopping for some random white dude in what looks like a parking lot to hear the guy rap. His name is Cameron Grey, and he’s apparently a real rapper, so he freestyles for Kanye. Then the video cuts to ‘Ye telling him to spit a written, and after some hesitation (“Man, I gotta go home,” says Kanye) he comes up with one. But that’s not the best part.

After Grey is done rapping, it cuts to Kanye asking him, “Would you be open to start off as, like, an assistant?” “Man, I’m down to start anything,” says Grey. “I just want to learn, man.” Then the two dap and part, and Cameron goes screaming into the night, surely happy about what has just happened.

You can decide what the best part. We just think Ye telling him he can start as an assistant is pleasant shade.

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