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OG Maco Calls Cultural Appropriation On Keith Ape’s Copy Of “U Guessed It” [VIDEO]



OG Maco, the manic trap genius behind the unbelievably infectious “U Guessed It,” is calling out his first slew of imitators. Maco took to Twitter on Thursday to bring Korean hip-hop artist Keith Ape to task for his song “It G Ma,” which Maco felt was a bite of his viral hit, served with a huge dollop of racial stereotypes:


The concept of cultural appropriation has come back in a big way over the course of the last year, and Maco’s throwing himself into the argument for the first time. And from the looks of Ape’s video, from the hotel setting, high-pitched screams, and really similar minimal beat, Maco doesn’t appear to be far off. Adorned with grills and sipping from “purple drank” cups, Keith Ape, along with his boys JayAllDay, Ioota, Okasian, and Kohn, are hardly making a good case for themselves. Whether or not it’s cultural appropriation, “It G Ma” is a clear-cut rip-off of Maco’s hit.

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Maco feels especially betrayed because he takes credit for exposing Ape to a Western audience:


Check out the video above and decide for yourself how bad this is.

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