If Rappers Had Their Own Food Trucks

lil kimchi

Earlier this week, we showed you what it’d look like if the Left Shark from Katy Perry’s Super Bowl show found its way into famous album covers. Now we’ve found another groundbreaking graphic innovation: Rapper Food Trucks.

Below are imagined food trucks from De La Soul, Jay Z, Lil Kim, and others. Our favorite might be Notorious BLT. Which ones do you like the most?

01 - mldc3ab

02 - qCKmY9L

03 - pqLg7Aa

04 - TQG954q

05 - lK4wZRB

06 - guekaBD

07 - BYItOul

08 - CaJpnJ4

09 - 0VQd3KM

10 - IN7Fre9

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