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Ghostface Killah Tells A Tale Of Pimping On Latest BadBadNotGood Cut “Tone’s Rap” [LISTEN]


The collaboration LP from Wu-Tanger Ghostface Killah and Canadian jazz-hop trio BadBadNotGood, called Sour Soul, will hit out eardrums in two weeks, but the group’s just unleashed their fourth single.

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“Tone’s Rap” is the collab’s slowest paced offering yet, a down tempo groove with sharp drums and murky guitar. Ghost takes on the character of Tone, an old school pimp with a thing for blade-tipped canes and diamonds in his teeth. “Bumpin’ the Isleys/Al Green got a pimp on lean.”

While this track nails the 1970s exploitation vibe that Ghost and BBNG are going after, it’s a stark (no pun intended) change from the peppy tempo of the MF Doom-featuring “Ray Gun” or even “Gunshowers.” We’ve now heard four of the 12 tracks headed our way on February 24th, and I’m ready to complete the adventure. Check out the song above.


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