The Trailer For Hitman: Agent 47 Is Here [TRAILER]


Developed by IO Interactive, the Hitman series of games puts you in the shoes of Agent 47, a genetically engineered human who’s stronger, faster, and smarter than your average person — and has a penchant for dressing himself in hilariously inappropriate outfits during stealth missions. Thanks to a surprise trailer drop earlier this morning from 20th Century Fox, we know that Agent 47 is coming to the screen for the second time in the aptly titled Hitman: Agent 47. 

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The film follows 47 (Rupert Friend) as he tracks down contract kills and helps Katia van Dees (Hannah Ware), the daughter of the man who founded 47’s organization, learn more about both of their pasts. From the looks of this trailer, more elements from the games, like 47’s environmental awareness and disguises, will factor into the movie. And yes, he did just shoot out the window of a room hiding a jet turbine. This already looks much better than the 2007 offering starring Timothy Olyphant, so check it out above and see for yourself. Hitman: Agent 47 will be out for blood on August 28.

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