This Is The Best Album Trailer We’ve Ever Seen. Watch Ka Tease Days With Mr. Yen Lo

Ka is a complete anomaly in rap right now. This guy has some of the darkest, densest shit around, keeps his albums short, and doesn’t waste a word on any of his songs. He doesn’t use social media very often (except for when he does five questions of rap trivia), he doesn’t promote his projects very heavily, and he doesn’t really give people any updates on what he’s doing. He sort of just shows up, drops an incredible EP, and then disappears again.

Now it seems he’s poking his head above water to drop a trailer for his upcoming album with producer Preservation, Days With Mr. Yen Lo. If it’s anything like the last two albums Ka has gifted us with, we’re ready to buy it right now.

Watch the trailer above, with footage from Manchurian Candidate, and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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