Raheem DeVaughn Apologizes To His First Valentine

Ah, Valentine’s Day. This time of year, everywhere you look someone is tripping over themselves drunk in love after imbibing shots of watermelon, spreading truffle butter or scheming their way into free lodging during All-Star weekend.  But few will talk about the love hangover. Singer Raheem DeVaughn has spent the better part of a decade capturing the range of emotions that come with love and lust, and his latest collection Love, Sex and Passion is another bag of ear candy for those with an aural fixation.

“It’s another eclectic ride, it’s like the continuation to A Place Called Love Land taking you further down lovers lane, deeper into the mind of a Love King. I called it that in particular because it’s a relationship based album. The Love Experience and The Love and War Masterpiece were half socially conscious, half love. This album is a love album. I know it’s what the ladies and brothers have been waiting for from me.”

The first single and video, “Queen,” began as a reference for the legendary Aretha Franklin, but  unfortunately the monarch of soul took ill, so he repackaged it for himself and his fans.

“In rapping up this album I felt like I wanted to come with a record for the women that is empowering. The climate of the world right now with reality shows and Black America getting a bad rap. I don’t want young girls to think that what they see on TV is what they should strive to be. So this is a woman’s anthem.”


While this CD will be the inevitable soundtrack to plenty of pelvic based pillow Pilates, Raheem still remembers when things didn’t always go as planned. When asked to remember his first Valentine his response is colored with joy and regret.

“Far back as I can remember the one Valentine that stands out for me was back in high school, having that first sweetheart or real girlfriend, going out of my way to find a nice card, chocolate and teddy bear…I was dating this girl Philomena. I actually broke her heart. I talked about it on the Love Experience album. On [the title track] I made a reference to my prom date…

To my first girlfriend/I know you’re probably married now
But reminiscing on our prom date/The way I did you yeah was kind of foul..

“She was like one year behind me and [my boys] came up with the bright idea to go to the prom with the homies. It was a group of us, like five of us. Everybody was pretty successful in their lanes: a football player, basketball player, I was a track star. We were all real tight. [But] of course they had dates that were gonna meet them there or plans to hook up afterward. I had it all wrong. If I knew then what I know now…that sucked.”

Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for the Love King. The two broke up, Raheem went away to college and they haven’t spoken since.

“I always wonder what she’s doing. You never know how that type of thing affects somebody. So I’m sorry, Philomena. I’m sorry.”

If you’re out there Philomena, do you forgive him? Tweet @watchLOUD and let us know!

UPDATE: Philomena forgives him!

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