Pharoahe Monch Takes Us Inside Lost In Translation [EXCLUSIVE]

Pharoahe Monch 2015

Dear Cupid, Pharoahe Monch does not respect your authoritah. “I hate being told by whoever made the decision that this is that specific day to show love,” he says of Valentine’s Day. “You should do that around the clock when you get the feeling in your heart. Sometimes I’ve complied in the past and other times I’m like ‘Fuck that I just bought you whatever two weeks ago.’[laughs]”

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However, that doesn’t stop the Queens, NY rhyme vet from getting into the holiday spirit completely. In an attempt to help his listeners address the gamut of emotions they’ll experience around this time of year, he’s assembled some of his best songs on relationships into a free compilation called Lost In Translation.


“It’s real simple but it’s dope. It is in fact a gathering of previously released songs that I’m sure even the biggest of Pharoahe Monch fans has missed. But instead of you going on Youtube and looking for them in all these different places, we remastered them and brought them in one place you can find for you and yours. The thing that ties them together is Valentine’s Day. It’s records like “The Light,” “Bar Tap,” “So Good” — things that pertain to being in a bad relationship, good relationship, falling in love and things of those nature. But it’s not all lovey-dovey, wishy washy. It’s spiritual love, it’s sexual, it’s courting. It’s tied together really nicely in the order we put it in.”


To help both the familiar and the uninitiated navigate this reintroduction and new material WatchLOUD invited Monch to take us inside some of the tracks, from the new track with Phonte, “Home,” going all the way back to 2000’s “The Light” from his debut Internal Affairs.

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