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Action Bronson’s Fuck, That’s Delicious Is Coming To Cable


Between releasing fire mix tapes and treating fans to an utterly unique concert experience, Action Bronson still finds time to revel in his original passion for cooking through the Vice web series Fuck, That’s DeliciousThe cross-country food-a-thon won’t be confide to just the internet for long, though.

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While being interviewed by HotNewHipHop, Bronson gave some details about a possible second season of the show. “Second season, it’s already locked in,” Bronson told HNHH. “We’re gunna be…we’re gunna be on cable. We’re gunna be on a network this coming season. There’ll still be things on the internet but you can watch me on TV now.”

Bronson also filled us in on the inspiration for the title and the Bloodsport-looking artwork for his major label debut Mr. Wonderful. “Mr. Wonderful came about honestly from—like I said, from my mother and when I would act up,” he elaborated. “It’s kind of a tongue-and-cheek type of thing. ‘Oh yeah, Mr. Wonderful. This fuckin’ guy.’ You know what I mean? That’s really where it comes from. Just me being bashful. And also, just look at me…I’m just a quiet storm waiting to fuckin’ burst. My whole life is like when Chun Li threw the shit in his eye. He rubbed it in his eye and he had to fight blind. That’s my whole life. But somehow you come out on top, you know?”

No word yet as to what channel FTD will be airing on, but the fact that we’ll be able to experience Bronson’s globe-trotting antics on television anywhere is exciting enough. Check out the interview above.

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