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Drake’s If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late Beat His Previous Spotify Streaming Record

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If Spotify numbers are anything to go by, Drake is one of, if not the, biggest music stars on the planet. According to Buzzfeed, Drizzy’s surprise mix tape If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, which has already taken the internet by storm, was played over 23 million times in its first four days on the streaming service.

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Just in its first four days. That’s bordering on incomprehensible. His mix tape, a middle finger to label Cash Money, whizzed past the record set by his previous studio album Nothing Was The Same, which was streamed 15.6 million times in one week. I guess the only person who’s capable of beating Drake is Drake.

This streaming news is coming after the revelation that If You’re Reading This moved just under 500k units in its first week, which is under expectations, but nothing to complain about when the best-selling hip-hop album of last year sold just over 100K. Buy it here or stream it here.


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