How To Win A Grammy & Marry A Kardashian From Your Web Browser


We all know Kim Kardashian-West is in love with her husband Kanye West’s music. She couldn’t hold back her emotions when she heard “Only One.” With plenty of Grammys under his belt and a stunningly beautiful wife, there’s no way that the average joe could even begin to be like Yeezy. Or could they? Thanks to some new music software you create some Yeezus-inspired music by simply using your keyboard and maybe MAYBE bag your own Kardashian.

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Developer Matt Daniels recently created Sample Stitch, an interactive hip hop sampler. The new website allows beat makers to use the source material from J Dilla’s “Don’t Cry” (The Escorts’ “I Can’t Stand to See You Cry”), Kanye West and Jay Z’s “Otis” (Otis Redding’s “Try A Little Tenderness”) and 9th Wonder’s “Impressknowsoul!!!!” (The Impressions’ “Sunshine”) to create and record new music. The program also allows users to share their creations on Facebook and Twitter.

“I’ve been re-constructing hip hop songs from their original samples, and every time I’ve been fascinated by the producer’s choices,” Daniels said about his website. “Before we take a look at each sample, you might have noticed how weird it is to compose with milliseconds of a song. Producers are studying these moments for hours. They understand the minutia – the exact note at the exact millisecond that creates an interesting beat.”

Test your overall production skills on the new soundboard here.


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