Nike Has Revolutionized The Way You Cop Your Sneakers With Their New App [PHOTOS]


Nike unveiled a major change to the way sneaker fiends will get their fix of Jordans, Kobes, Lebrons and more in the future. The tri-state area was blessed with the opportunity to test out Nike’s brand new SNKRS app, which they introduced during All-Star Weekend. The sneaker conglomerate is dead set on making the experience of copping their latest releases easier than ever before.

The SNKRS app will provide every ounce of information regarding your favorite releases. You will be able to customize your shopping experience by saving the sneakers you’re dying to cop. The app will also send you notifications that will remind you about the exact time your sneakers are set to drop. After getting the reminder on your mobile device, all you have to do is push a button to purchase the sneakers. No more camping out in line for hours on end hoping that a brawl won’t ensue once the doors open.

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Be on the lookout for the app to make its official debut later this Spring. If you didn’t get a chance to try it out during All-Star weekend, you can still sign-up for the app’s waiting list. Yes, it’s that serious. Check out some of the app’s features here.






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